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saltwater b&b

We created a complete rebrand for Saltwater House.  They where originally called Strandeen Bed and Breakfast. But we relished the opportunity to undertake a full rebrand.  This included a full strategy to support the launch of the rebrand and new website.  Part of this included shooting  promotional videos and photos.  We also created a bespoke booking system to make it easier for the client to take and store bookings. Debbie at Saltwater now easily manages her website and bookings thanks to the digital elements put in place by No79 Design.

Millsport Motorcycles

We have worked with Millsport for years now on various projects.  They approached us recently for a new brand, website but also to take some photos and video of their fantastic showroom.  The showroom was recently upgraded and is a fantastic space.  The website was to showcase the new motorbike range for both Ducati and Suzuki.  They wanted the site to be very easy to browse. But also very easy to update at their end.  Particularly the used bike section which would be updated often.  Was great to work on this with the team.

antrim house

Antrim house was a really fun project to work on. We created a fresh new brand for the client. This brand fitted more in line with the house. The team shot some great photos and a promotional video to help grow awareness for Antrim House Bed and Breakfast. The house itself is an old victorian house but with a modern twist. During the design phase this was something we really wanted to bring into play. The client was delighted with the finished products and happy with her much improved presence online.

Wakedock IE

Wakedock approached No79 Design about a new website.  We wanted to design and build something for them that was very visual.  Something that stood out with the visual impact right when the user hit the first page.  We wanted to improve the user flow and let people quickly and visually find out about what this great Dublin based business has to offer. 

Surfdock IE

Surfdock is the sister business of Wakedock.  We needed to keep the look and feel of  this website along the same lines as Wakedock but bring some additional elements into the build. The site has a very clean layout and links to different areas of the E-Commerce site built in shopify. This site and Wakedock where both built to allow the user on the go to quickly find an activity and book using their smartphone. Something that is really working for both businesses in Dublin.

Bob & Berts

Bob and Berts where looking a fresh approach to their print work. They also wanted a fresh new website. The website had to work well on smart phones and allow users to quickly and easily navigate the menu.  We went for a clean professional approach on this one and let the images do the talking. How could you not want to visit one of these stores and grab a coffee and possibly a bun.


Soltec had a very poor web presence previously.  They approached No79 Design to create them something very visual that could show off the business best online.

Score FC

Score wanted a website that showcased everything they offered.  The main drive behind the new website was to allow users to easily navigate to each area and gain information.  The business is very visual and wanted a large array of photos throughout the site. We used the photos as a real focal point and built a clean easy to browse website around all. 

Harbour Splash

Harbour Splash was such a fun project to work on. Totally different than most. The branding and site where created to help showcase the love of water. We used a nice splash icon with a friendly open font. The site was built to help the photos punch and sell the fun. 

Chequers Riverside

Everyone in the office said the same thing. It was so diificult to work on this project without getting hungry. We shot all the photos and video used throughout the website.  We also built the website with a clean simple easy to browse menu. Usage on smartphone was key and being able to hit the menu page quickly and find what you need was essential. 

Buy wake UK

This website was built using Magento.  We designed a really cool frontend with a unique menu for browsing.  The website has multiple products and categories. We built the website to allow users to quickly navigate the products and waste no time in browsing unnecessary areas of the website purchasing what they need. The site had a lot of SEO optimisation done and ranks very highly on many keywords to help drive sales.    

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